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Why Invest In East?

East: Ready to Rise Again as the Manufacturing Hub of India

Most Comprehensive B2B Exhibitions

BIZ BRIDGE, a biennial CII Eastern Region initiative, ranks among the most comprehensive B2B exhibitions dedicated to the growth of engineering and manufacturing activities in the eastern part of India comprising Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha and West Bengal.

Over the past one decade, BIZ BRIDGE has grown into an extraordinary platform, where companies from across the country and beyond meet, network and make significantgroundwork for future deals.

BIZ BRIDGE is also an occasion for the companies to showcase new technologies, brands and products, meet prospective buyers, forge new ties and increase business contacts by manifolds.

Buyer-Seller’ Meets

With ‘Make in East’ being the theme and a strong focus laid on ‘Buyer-Seller’ Meets, BIZ BRIDGE 2017, promises to produce a more rewarding experience than ever.

For the first time in its 10-year-old history, the BIZ BRIDGE caravan will roll over to Howrah underscoring a fond wish as well as a strong resolution.

CII sincerely hopes that Howrah, which was once upon a time known as the ‘Sheffield of the East’ for being home to hordes of manufacturing units, will win back its pre-eminent position.

Through BIZ BRIDGE 2017, CII also seeks to achieve seamless synergies between the five eastern states. The principal aim is to promote the five eastern states in the manufacturing space.

BIZ BRIDGE is a statement of CII’s vision and conviction that the East has all the wherewithal and resources to emerge as a robust hub of manufacturing activities.

Gateway to the Markets

The region which is connected by big ports and airports boasts a wide range of advantages, the most significant being its strategic geography.

A gateway to the markets in as many as eight Northeastern states, the East not only shares borders with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, it also offers easy connectivity to all the fast-growing markets in South East Asia.

Rich Talent & Skilled Workforce

East is also home to rich talent and skilled workforce. Significantly, the East comprises mineral-rich states such as Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh.

All this is bound to excite investors, and explains why BIZ BRIDGE is going to be special this year, especially at a time when the Make-in-India campaign is fast gathering steam.

As a platform, BIZ BRIDGE 2017 is designed and tailored to facilitate exchanges of crucial information on key industry trends, niche products and latest technology and innovation.

BIZ BRIDGE 2017 will also bring you face to face with policymakers and top-rung government officials, industry captains, owners of MSMEs, and will also facilitate exclusive buyer-seller meets.

In Sync With Government Policies

BIZ BRIDGE 2017 assumes greater relevance due to the fact that the Government of India is pulling out all the stops to make sure manufacturing flourishes. Fuelled by rising demands and increased investments in infrastructure, the engineering sector, which is integrally linked to the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors, has already seen significant growth over the past few years. A number of sub-sectors such as power, steel, automotives, oil and gas defence, minerals and metals, automation, machine tools, etc., drive the sector’s growth.